It’s the largest event around the Chamilo LMS (Learning Management System), organized by the very users from the global Chamilo community


The Chamiluda is a decentralized sharing event about Chamilo LMS. It is focused on teachers, web admins, academical directors, developers and entrepreneurs interested in properly applying TICs in technology.


Previous events

logo-chamiluda-2013-circleThe Chamilo Users Day is organized every year since 2011. In 2013, after a very successful event, it was decided to maintain the decentralized concept every year. There is no entry fee and the main objective is to promote the use of Chamilo (an educational platform 100% free software), letting the public know about the philosophy, goals, achievements and developments of this innovating project.

The event is organized by volunteers who promote the progress of education in their school, college, institute, university or company. Those volunteers are selected by the central organization to propose a branch and schedule for the event. Each volunteer manages the event in his branch, organizing (with the help of volunteering speakers) demo sessions, workshops or talks.

To see how previous events have succeeded, check Chamiluda 2013 and Chamiluda 2015


But… “What is Chamilo?”, you ask…

logo-chamiloChamilo is the name of an open source (or better said free software) e-learning platform. Launched and led by Yannick Warnier with the help of a handful of other people, Chamilo offers tools to support learning/teaching in a virtual education environment or in the classroom.  With currently more than 28,000 portals installed around the world, the project also offers a central free-to-use platform for teachers of all origins:

The Chamilo Association is a non-profit organization founded in Belgium which promotes, protects and distributes this piece of software freely (as in freedom and as in free beer) worldwide. More information:

The Chamilo Community is made of learners, teachers and administrators from more than 200 countries.


Chamiluda 2016?

This year, the event is scheduled for Saturday the 30th of Setember, decentralized as previously. Participation is free. The place and time will depend oon the availability of each branch.


Want to help organizing Chamiluda?
Register as organizer, enroll your branch and help the community! More information:

Want to check themes, places and schedules to assist to some Chamiluda branch?

Look for the closest branch, invite your friends and train for free!. More information: